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The Studio's Notebooks

A time-based documentation tool to collaboratively keep notes and capture media from live experiences.

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do•doc is a composite and modular interface that supports reflection-in and on-action. This tool enables people to capture traces of their activities, to edit them, and to publish narratives made out of these traces. It allows different settings, from mobile to fixed in place, and can be used collectively via different devices. do•doc has been tested in various settings (workshops, fablabs, conferences,...), mainly to document making and/or creative activities.

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Documentation Station

First designed for the Carrefour numérique² - Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (Paris). Modular and playful, this station is both a documentation station, including do•doc to capture traces of making activities, and a creativity station, including multiple creative kits and flexible arrangments to facilitate workshops in the Living Lab.

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This kit enables the setting of a light and modular studio to easily collect traces of one's activity. It is made out of basic components to be assembled to best suit a given situation and to be used with do•doc (or any other media-making software), including a mic, a webcam (or a phone) and a cute controler.

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L’Opendoc is an online platform dedicated to create and share documentations in a collaborative and chronological way.

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