Design Research in Elementary School

For a whole schoolyear, we conducted workshops to initiate elementary school children to design.

These workshops were conducted in 2013/2014, twice a week, in l'école des Alouettes (Paris 19e).
To know more about these workshops, read the research paper


From these workshops and from our observations, we decided to create our first prototype to document creative activities.

Juliette Mancini & Savanturiers, program led by Ange Ansour and François Taddei (CRI).

L'atelier sur le site des Savanturiers.

Atelier d'initiation à l'électricité
Atelier d'initiation à l'électricité
Atelier tampons sur le thème "Mon école en beaucoup mieux"
Édition "Mon école en beaucoup mieux", compte rendu de l'atelier tampons
Atelier réactions en chaîne
Atelier création de typographie modulaire