Documentation Station for theater companies

A mobile furniture to support theater companies in their creative processes. Its design aims at best integrating several capture devices to enable an easy documentation of rehearsals and other theater experiments.

To best support the creative processes of theater companies in residence, we co-designed with the Studio Théâtre Vitry a system, composed of a software, Les Cahiers du Studio and a physical piece.

The physical component is a table-top that we attached to an existing mobile furniture, available in several shops. Relying on an existing furniture enables us to reduce the budget and the production time significantly, as well as to keep the type of furniture open according to the situations at stake. Here, this particular furniture presents the advantage of having a robust locking system, which proves useful when used in a public space.

The table-top is designed to enable different settings for the several capture devices (camera, audio recorder, time-marker controller, etc.) as well as to best integrate a video-projector and a laptop. All these components aims at facilitating the data collection process of live experiences and rehearsals as well as the consultation of these data to foster discussions among companies' members.

Thanks to the Carrefour numérique² for enabling us to prototype and produce the table-top. Thanks also to Cédric, the studio manager at the Studio-Théâtre de Vitry-sur-Seine for its help.