The Studio's Notebooks

A time-based documentation tool to collaboratively keep notes and capture media from live experiences.

Since performing artists often create in a very personal and therefore opaque way, the Studio-Théâtre de Vitry-sur-Seine wanted to develop a reflexive  tool to encourage, highlight and share the creative processes of theatre companies. Les Cahiers du Studio (« the Studio’s log book »), designed iteratively and in situ, was born. Its aim is to simplify the collection of traces during any creative processes. Combining an application accessible via a web browser with various equipment capturing gestures, words and rehearsal sequences (cameras, sound recorder, scanning system, multi-sockets, projector, etc.), installed on a workshop trolley, it is custom-made to the needs identified by the companies. Les Cahiers du Studio thus gathers traces left by artists throughout their work and makes them available for consultation: creative drafts, director's notebooks, actors' notebooks, plans and scenography models, fragments showing dramaturgical intentions, abandoned tracks, questioning, recordings of scenes played, audio recordings of discussions, etc. All these contents are made visible through an interface where they are organized in chronological order. The thumbnails can be captioned and modified in size to prioritize them. A collaborative text editor called "diary" allows to edit one or more story-lines which refer to the collected and commented items.

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Installation and launch of the software:

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L'Atelier des chercheurs; our collaborators are listed on the github page of the project.

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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Screenshot of The Studio's Notebook main screen. Each block displayed on the timeline stands for a document recorded at a given moment. You can add texts, videos, pictures, audio or or upload any other type of documents.
Management of the timeline and metadata related to time.
Management and edition of the media and documents recorded.
List view of all the documents recorded in a timeline (can be exported).